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How's my driving with Sano~?

Concrit is seriously welcome. He's a new character type for me, and I'm concerned I'll fall into the trap of making him too articulate or thoughtful. XD

Kick me if I'm doing it wrong! Especially with details or links to the spot where I did.

Love you all~
What kind of fuckin' ghost story did I wander into here?

'kay, it's been days like this. Found a safe spot, gonna stay here, long story 'bout how I got here but let's not talk about it. Kenshin? You an' everybody else in one piece?


Fuck. Shoulda brought the sake.

[four thanks]

Hey, kinda seems like it's the season for it or somethin'...

So yeah. Kenshin? Thanks. I'd still be a fuckin' goon for hire if it weren't for you.

And thanks for not kickin' me out, Jo-chan. Or, y'know. Not doin' it hard enough.

Weasel girl ...Misao, you're pretty cool. An' not too shabby a ninja.

Bunch of other people who ain't here, too. They know who they are an' why.

Hey, Kenshin? Wanna get a drink or somethin'? Or are you still hidin' under the bed at Misao's place?
...What the fuck, don't tell me all of you are here to stay. The City's gonna have to expand or something.

Dibs on apartment, newbies get to sleep in the forest or some shit like that, and if anybody touches my sake there's gonna be hell to pay.

[two. voice]

Hey Kenshin, congratulations! Y'know this means we really do need to have a party or somethin', right? It's traditional.

Got that question answered yet, Jo-chan?

Oh yeah, and I-

[there is the faint but audible noise of a string of explosions in the distance]

Shit, who the fuck is setting off bombs out there!?

[first punch]

...shit, my head.... Hey, where the hell is this? This isn't fucking funny! I know I was in the dojo when I fell asleep last night. Whoever dragged me out here while I was sleeping'd better speak up right now. The longer I have to look for you the harder I'm gonna hit you when I track you down, got it?

This doesn't even look like Tokyo. Did someone spike the last round or what?